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I don't know if there is anything that catches our imagination and fear as much as atomic stuff does. It encapsulates our more optimistic hopes for the future, and casts a shadow of our greatest fears. Accomplishments throughout the history of the nuclear age are a dynamic mix of fascinating and horrific.

The way it intersects with science, history, engineering, geopolitics, nerd culture, and environmental matters; it is one of the few things that is so expansive, so frightening, and is both deeply personal and highly impersonal.

Atomic history is so interesting because it is genuinely difficult to grapple with; it is a complex topic in how it touches all of our lives.

Still doesn't feel right to describe myself as a "photographer," is it okay if this just  says "I take pictures of stuff I like" and hope that a consistent creative tone and technical understanding magically materialize one day?

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